Happy Birthday Christy!!! Welcome to Tiddly Trivia Post #3


Wow, today has gone by so fast!  Here is our last set of questions and Design Team inspirations.  Remember to scroll down to the first and second post and answer those Tiddly Trivia questions too - it will increase your chance of a win!  Each question answered correctly will be entered into a random drawing for a $5 gift certificate to Tiddly Inks!

Check out the Design Team creations made especially for Christy's fabulous birthday straight from the heart!

Jen using Pinky

Remember, you are answering these questions as Christy would.  Take a guess and have fun - you might get a gift certificate out of the process!!  You can answer in one comment and if you get them both right will be entered into the drawing for both gift certificates!  Make sure to wish Christy a Happy Birthday and leave the design team some love too!!

The last set of questions:
  • What fun super power would Christy want if she were a superhero?
  • What's Christy's favorite Tiddly Ink image?


Creations by Shirl said...

Happy Birthday Christy!

Question#1 - Reach for the stars!
Question#2 - Wryn & Emmy BFF

And the cards the DT made for Christy are all so awesome...
Have a super birthday party for Christy... Wish I was there to join you all...
Tiddly hugs~

Kim Swenson said...

#1 the ability to fly

#2 all of them

Kt_Dragonfly said...

Super hero power... travel through time!

Favourite? I cant see her having a favourite... maybe 'You and Me'... oh wait that maybe my fave :D lol

Grandma Bonnie said...

I think to grant wishes would be her super power with her wand from the Masked Avenger..her favorite image. :)

Emmy said...

Loving all the gorgeous cards!!
Happy birthday Christy!

Superpower: invisibility! So she could spy on us when we're playing with all her gorgeous images! And I'll say Wryn super spy for the same reason!

Star said...

Yay! Happy birthday, Christy!!

The DT did an AMAZING job!!

Trivia questions....
1. Umm..the ability to eat any food without gaining calories? That's what I would want anyway. LOL

2. All of Wryn images!

Karen said...

I think Christy's fun super power would be to have more time in the day... so that she could make more fabby images AND get those stamps into production!! Hehehe.. :0)
As for her favourite Tiddly Ink Image... Hmmm I'm fairly new to Tiddly Inks so this is a very wild stab in the dark I'm afraid....
But I'm going with......... Wryn!!!xx

Karen said...

(I know I went with a Character and not a particular image.. is that allowed? Lol.) You have to feel a little sorry for me we've been packing all day long and we pick up the keys to our house tomorrow.... STRESS is kicking in! Rofl. xx

Jessica Fitzgerald (aka MommaJess) said...

Ok how is it that all the DT cards keep getting better with every post. AWESOME.

1. What fun super power would Christy want if she were a superhero? Teleportation would be cool. That would definately cut back on hours in traffic

2. What's Christy's favorite Tiddly Ink image? Always the Flower Girl

CityGirl Planners said...

#1 - Telekinesis

#2 - Precious

Absolutely great job, DT!

CityGirl Planners said...

#1 - To eat whatever she wants

#2 - Wyrn and Emmy

Mandi said...

Cute cards from the DT.

#1 - To be able to eat whatever she wants and not gain weight or have to exercise off those calories!

#2 - The Wryn stamps. I know they are some of my favorites anyway! :)

Carly said...

Gorgeous cards girls! wow!

ooohhh Super Powers ... ah so many to chose from! Hmmm I think Christy would like the superpower of Time Travel! That way she could go back and enjoy all those wonderful moments, fast forward the not so great ones and pause to get more time to create.

Christy's favourite Tiddly Ink image well its definitely a Wryn and I think it would be ...Too Tweet. There is a certain tenderness about these images .. but the expression, love and amazement of this little Wryn says it all. She is amazed by the beauty and possibility of this egg and her childlike wonder and innocence shines through. She is my favourite so maybe I'm reading to much into it LOL

Jennifer S said...

Wryn with a cherry on top. And for super powers, Christy wants the ability to leap tall buildings with a cake in one hand and a bar of chocolate in the other.

Mary M. said...

Superpower would be never gain weight (able to eat anything)

Wryn and Emmy

Kay said...

Oh Christy you deserve to celebrate the whole month as your birthday! I hope it's wonderful.

These designs just keep getting better and better. I really love the card by Jen in this batch. The gothy girls are my favourites.

If Christy could have a super power I think she'd have the ability to do housework with a single blink of an eye.

I can't imagine being able to have a favourite image amonst these. It would be so hard so I would think if anything her first images would be just for sentimental sake.

Kay said...
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Cely said...

She wants to eat everything in the world and not gain a pound! LOL. Maybe that's what I wanna do...

Her fave image is anything with Wryn! Okay, so sue me, it's my favorite... LOL!

~ Barb said...

Ok, Super Power (thanks to FB clue): to eat anything she wants and not gain weight.
Favorite image: I'm going to go with Wryn. The one with the Princess and the Frog. Thanks for the chance to play along! Have really enjoyed the DT cards too!

Leanne said...

This has been a fun and inspirational party!! Happy Birthday again Christy and ladies, you girls sure know how to make a girl feel special! Love the trivia and all the wonderful creations!! Great job!!

Favorite TI image = Wrynn
Superhero power = turn anything into chocolate? (I'd want that power!)

Denimo said...

OK... one more set of horrible guesses!! I really do suck at this! LOL! I'm going to say... 1. Super Stamper and 2. Wryn, grow a little love.

One more Happy Birthday, Christy! Thanks for the fun!!

In paper heaven said...

The DT have really outdone themselves. All of the cards today have been fabulous. Hope your Birthday was all you expected it to be Christy. Happy Birthday!!

1. Super power to eat anything including lots of chocolate without any consequences.

2.Wryn (Somebunny loves you if I have to pick one)Too hard to choose They are all awsome.


Lucianna Dilsaver said...

Beautiful work DT
1. To be able to eat anything and not gain weight
2. Wryn-Close to My Heart

Crafting Vicky said...

The DT have done a terrific job on everything! I would say 1) eat anything without gaining weight and 2) Wryn

zehra said...

happy birthday Christy
Awesome Dt cards, lovely coloring
Super power would be to summon chocolate or anything edible that the heart desires when she wants it.
Favorite Tiddly image would be Wyrn as it is like her daughter.

DC said...

Happy Birthdya again Christy!
The DT's are so creative. Great job on the cards. Love seeing what they come up with. Here my guesses for question number three:
Super Power would be to eat anything you want without gaining weight.
All the Wryns are cute so this is much harder but I will go with Wryn New Nest.