Tiddly Trivia Winners!!!!!!

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 Hi ya everyone!  I wanted to announce the winners for the Birthday Celebration for Christy!  Thanks everyone for playing along and wishing Christy a Happy Birthday!  I know she felt special and that's what we as her Design Team wanted to accomplish!! Again, thank you for your efforts and birthday wishes!

Question #1 - What was the first Tiddly Ink image Christy created?  (I know that's a tough one but take a guess and make sure it's the first TIDDLY INK image!!)

Answer #1 - "The Buggs! Cookie and Daisy Bugg--- sold on Etsy. ;)" - everyone got Cookie so I chose random from those people

Winner #1- Karen said..."Okay I just peeked at the FB hint and I'm changing my guess to a more educated one... lol.. I revisited Etsy too (it was no hardship I love looking at all of those images!! Hehehe.. and I needed a break from packing all of our boxes. Phew!) I'm now going with Cookie Bug.. Smiles.xx"

Question #2 - If Christy were a Tiddly Ink image - which image would she be? 

Answer #2 -  is "If I were a Tiddlyinks, I would most definitely be Gossmere... queen of dark cuteness...plus, I think she could pull off red leather...Lol so, Gossemere - no one got it right so I just chose from everyone that answered!"

Winner #2 -

Heidi Brawley said..."Happy Birthday Christy!!!!! Wow what Gorgeous DT creations!!! I think Christy would be Cheery Q!!! Wryn's brother would be named Warren! Have a GREAT day!!!"

 Question #3 - If Tiddly Ink Wryn had a little brother what would Christy name him?

Answer #3 - "Devin or Dylan"

Winner #3 - This person actually got BOTH sames one just spelled wrong!
grandmabonnie said..."I think Dillon spelled this way? Or maybe Devin, but i like Drew too. Drew would be cool because it would be the past tense of draw...because you drew him..oh dear...i am getting silly."
Question #4 - What fun super power would Christy want if she were a superhero?

Answer #4 - "If I could have a super power, it would be the ability to eat chocolate and still look 20...and then I could wear my red leathers and cape, as the super artist of all things inky...hereforeto to be known as The Artist of Ink." - LOL

Winner #4 - In paper heaven said..."The DT have really outdone themselves. All of the cards today have been fabulous. Hope your Birthday was all you expected it to be Christy. Happy Birthday!!1. Super power to eat anything including lots of chocolate without any consequences. 2.Wryn (Somebunny loves you if I have to pick one)Too hard to choose They are all awsome.  Loretta"

Question #5 - What's Christy's favorite Tiddly Ink image?

Answer #5 - "The Wryns....all of them, but her turning a prince into a frog is close to being my favorite."

Winner #5 - ~ Barb said..."Ok, Super Power (thanks to FB clue): to eat anything she wants and not gain weight.   Favorite image: I'm going to go with Wryn. The one with the Princess and the Frog. Thanks for the chance to play along! Have really enjoyed the DT cards too!"

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to everyone for joining us!  Winners, please contact me for your gift certificate at melissaforquer AT gmail DOT com


Fabulous Inky Friday and Winners of BFF challenge!

WOW!!!  I think we had a great turn out for Christy's Birthday Celebration yesterday and you still have until 12am CST tonight to play along for a chance to win a gift certificate!  I've left several hints for everyone on our Facebook page too! So stop by and read the hints then join in starting with post #1 here!!!

Now on to our winners today!  I've chosen two random winners to receive $5 gift certificates.  Remember, to be qualified for features and gift certificates you MUST use a Tiddly Ink image!  Without further ado, the winners are:
#14 - angie
#36 - Holly T
We had SO many fabulous creations this week!  Thank you to everyone who joined.  Each creation is gorgeous and special and we LOVE to see them.  Remember, if you are a feature this week - choose the badge from the side of the blog to proudly display!

Don't forget we have a fun Birthday Bash Celebration happening right now!  AND Tiddly Inks is CELEBRATING soon too....


Happy Birthday Christy!!! Welcome to Tiddly Trivia Post #3


Wow, today has gone by so fast!  Here is our last set of questions and Design Team inspirations.  Remember to scroll down to the first and second post and answer those Tiddly Trivia questions too - it will increase your chance of a win!  Each question answered correctly will be entered into a random drawing for a $5 gift certificate to Tiddly Inks!

Check out the Design Team creations made especially for Christy's fabulous birthday straight from the heart!

Jen using Pinky

Remember, you are answering these questions as Christy would.  Take a guess and have fun - you might get a gift certificate out of the process!!  You can answer in one comment and if you get them both right will be entered into the drawing for both gift certificates!  Make sure to wish Christy a Happy Birthday and leave the design team some love too!!

The last set of questions:
  • What fun super power would Christy want if she were a superhero?
  • What's Christy's favorite Tiddly Ink image?

Happy Birthday Christy!!! Welcome to Tiddly Trivia Post #2

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Yay! We are back with post #2.  Don't forget, you still have time to scroll down to post #1 and play along!  We have FIVE gift certificates up for grabs so you have a great chance of winning!  Again, this celebration is all about Christy - so we've set-up Tiddly Trivia questions for each person to answer centered around the FABULOUS Christy Croll, designer and owner of Tiddly Inks!  Before we get to the questions, let's check out the next set of GORGEOUS design team creations to wish a Happy Birthday from the heart!

Fabulous creations! WOW!!!

Don't forget in the comments section wish Christy a Happy Birthday, leave the DT some love and answer the questions!!!  Again, you are trying to guess Christy's responses to the questions!
  • If Christy were a Tiddly Ink image - which image would she be?
  • If Tiddly Ink Wryn had a little brother what would Christy name him?
I realize these are hard questions but it's for fun!!! You only need to comment once with two answers!

Happy Birthday Christy!!! Welcome to Tiddly Trivia Post #1

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(special thanks to DT member Wendy for coloring Wryn in the badge above)

Welcome everyone to our BIG Birthday Celebration!  Melissa here and as you have heard Christy Croll (owner and designer of Tiddly Inks) is having a birthday today and the Design Team wanted to celebrate with some gorgeous inspiration and prizes!

Since today is all about Christy we'll be having a special Tiddly Ink Trivia centered around Christy!!!  What's up for grabs?? Glad you asked FIVE $5 gift certificates to Tiddly Inks!  You answer a question correctly and your name will be entered into a random drawing for one of the $5 gift certificates!

This is how today will work:  I have three posts all set to go live throughout the day - this is the first.  In each post you will see some fabulous Design Team creations and see one or two Tiddly Trivia questions that Christy has answered for us!  In the comments section wish Christy a Happy Birthday, leave some love for the Tiddly Inkers and also answer the question/questions.  Your answer has to be submitted before 12am CST on Saturday, March 30th.  From the correct answers, I will draw a random winner and announce that winner on Sunday, March 31st.  This way those that can't get to the computer right away will still have a chance of joining in the celebration!

Now before I get to the first question let's check out some SPECIAL birthday cards that were created from the heart by our FABULOUS Tiddly Design Team to wish Christy a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Beautiful right?  Make sure to check out the next post that will arrive in a few hours to see the GORGEOUS inspiration.

Now, don't forget to answer this first question:
  • What was the first Tiddly Ink image Christy created?  (I know that's a tough one but take a guess and make sure it's the first TIDDLY INK image!!)


Challenge #83 - Birthday Bash

YAY!!! It's Tiddly Tuesday and as you all know we are preparing for a CELEBRATION in April.
The Inkers thought we'd get the party started early by celebrating the FABULOUSLY talented Christy's (owner and creator of everything Tiddly) birthday!  Today, we have a challenge specifically for the occasion!  Create a BIRTHDAY card using any Tiddly image!  Check out the gorgeous design team creations for the occasion!

Hannah using Happy Birthday Girl

Lou using Lilli Claire -Party Time

Lou using Wryn Birthday Girl

Amanda using Lilli Claire party time

Now, since it's a very special week stop back by on THURSDAY - Christy's actual birthday, for a bit of a mini surprise celebration and fun giveaway!!!!


Fabulous Design Team Friday!

Happy Friday and welcome to a little design team inspiration today!!!  Also, a celebration is in the works!  So get prepared!!!  We'd love for you to add this super cute badge to your blog to help us spread the word.

Now check out the adorable creations from the best design team around!!!! :D

Joey using Wryn New Nest

Aren't you loving the NEW Super Spy Wryn?? She is super cute!  Don't forget to stop by Tiddly Inks and pick up yours today!


Fabulous Featured Friday

Hi everyone! Welcome to our Fabulous Featured Friday!  We had so much fun looking at all the glorious creations submitted for the Fabric Challenge.  Thank you to everyone who joined us and we hope to see you back this week for our Best Friends Challenge!

We've been featuring a number of creations on our Facebook page.  If you aren't a member of the Tiddly Inks Facebook page - stop by and Like us.  You might see your creation showcased.  But don't wait for us we LOVE to see new creations using Tiddly Inks.  Stop by and say hi and show us what you're up to!

Let's get to our winners and our features.

This week the two $5 gift certificates go to:

Now here are a few of our favorites!

Thanks for stopping by today!  Stop by Tiddly Inks and check out all of the adorable Wryn images!


Challenge #82 - Best Friends Forever

Welcome everyone to a special challenge here at Tiddly Inks.  This week we are celebrating friends, best friends that is! Since we all know best friends hold special places in our hearts, the super talented Christy Croll, designer and creator of Tiddly Inks, has made a special little duo...feast your eyes on Wryn and Emmy- BFF.
Oh my gosh!  Aren't they just the cutest!  Design team member Melissa created this card using this adorable new image.
For this challenge we'd love to see everyone create a card using the theme "Best Friends Forever".  Our amazing design team has a number of gorgeous creations to feast your eyes on!!!