Wahoot!! Design Team Submissions

I am so excited about this new team and all the truly wonderful entries I have received this week. I was overwhelmed by the positive feedback and notes that I received with each entry. The only bad thing...I feel like I am being asked to choose between a lot of new best friends. So I thought I would open it up to the community to help me make the inital decisions and narrow down the field. I will be making the final choices from this narrowed field.

Here's what I need from each of you: Please help me pick the top entries by leaving a comment with the numbers of your 5 to 7 favorite entries. If you submitted a card, please go ahead and vote (and if one of your votes is for your own card, that is fine....seriously. :D). I will use the votes to run up a tally for each entry and help pick the top cards from there. A few cards were added late, so if you were one of the first 65 voters, then you may go back and amend your vote by adding up to 2 more cards. Everyone else, please only vote once. LOL

I wanted to thank each lady who submitted a card. It will be hard to pick the top cards, and I hope that everyone continues to participate in our new and growing group whether they are chosen or not. :) I don't want anyone thinking that they don't belong. This is a brand new group and I am not able to have a huge team even though I would like to pick each person who participated. It took a lot of effort and planning to make a card and type up your info and send it in. That alone deserves a prize and so you shall get one. :) I am creating a special stamp just for those who submitted to the design team as a thank you. You will receive an email with a surprise image in a few days.

If I left you out, I apologize. I have received a verrrrry large number of emails over the past two weeks dealing with the PCP group, so if I overlooked yours, it was completely accidental or it got in the spam and I didn't catch it. If you didn't make it in this time, then consider trying out in a few months. :)

After we have an official team, we will start challenges and I hope each of you chooses to participate when you can. There will be prizes and lots of fun! :) Come on back after April 11 and see our new design team....gotta think of a great name....any suggestions? .:)

Leave me any thoughts and a vote! :)

Thanks again ladies...It has been great so far.
I can't wait to get to know each of you a bit more. :)

In no certain order, I have posted one photo by each applicant. If you would leave a comment with your top 5 to 7 choices or email me if you prefer at tiddlyinks87@gmail.com, I would love to hear from our group. :)

The voting will remain open until April 10. I will notify the design team winners on April 11 and add links to their blogs. :)

EDIT: I have to apologize to several entries...I got them loaded a bit late. So if you are back on and looking again, take a look at 23-25. I also reposted a couple of pictures per request, so take a look again at 7 and 12. If you already voted, but wish to add your votes in for any of those cards, please go ahead and pick more than your original allotted 5 votes....I want to be fair to them since it was my mistake. After some thought, I decided to enable comment moderation so that you won't be able to see the votes after the first 99....Thanks.

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Thank you...

to everyone who added a personal note this week, or posted our blog badge to help our group grow, or in just added a positive presence to the forums. :)

If you wanted to participate in the design team, just a reminder that our deadline is March 30 at 5 PM...that way I have time to load all the pictures. :) Send your info and pictures to tiddlyinks87@gmail.com. Thanks. :)

Our next PCP group freebie will be at 500 members. :)


New Design Team Contest

Tiddly Inks is looking for a whole new design team....Whew! We are a new and growing group that has cute, fun digital stamps focused on whimsical kids and animals illustrated by Christy Croll. 

I (Christy) would much rather create the digital stamps than the card examples, so I need a dedicated and super fun design team to inspire me and others with their great creations and attitudes. Half the fun of stamping is doing it with your friends, so I want to create a virtual community where we can “stamp” together.  

You must be a member of Tiddly Inks group, be able to fulfill the duties, and have at least 5 posts to our message board in order to be considered (you have time to come by...hint, hint). We'd love to get to know you and have you know us. If you think you want to be part of this crazy outfit, then enter your card into the design team competition---which will be juried by our community voting. However, keep in mind that we still want you to be part of this even if you don't wish to participate in this contest. I am not an enter-a-contest sort of person myself, so please come hang out with me, see the creativity, and cheer on the others who do choose to participate. :)  

To enter, please do the following: 

  1. 1.Use the Annie digital stamp provided (you must go to PCP and check the discussion group section to download the zip). 
  2. Create a new card (two sketches have been provided in the zip file by Ria if you want to use them). 
  3. Use any colors you like. 
  4. Have fun creating! :)  

When you are done with your card, submit the following to tiddlyinks87@gmail.com by March 30, 5 PM EST. 

  1. A small JPEG of the photo....must be around 100 to 150 kb (Use your “Save image for web” button to create a small image). Please consider not including your watermark as the group will be voting on your submissions. 
  2. A short bio about yourself (include your name :D) 
  3. A list of DT's you are currently on if any (you don’t have to have any prior experience though) 
  4. A link to your blog (and PCP gallery if you have one)  

On March 31st, I will post a gallery (here or on PCP...not sure yet) using the pictures of qualified candidates and the community will vote between March 31 and April 10. If you submitted a card, you may vote. 

I will use the votes to help me pick five new members of the design team. :) The new design team will be notified on April 11. Design Team members will be eligible to participate for 3 full months (April, May June, July this term) and receive their choices of (TBD) images each month...and of course be part of a great community.:)  

As a design team member, your duties will be to: 

  • Post on the Tiddly Inks message board on a regular basis 
  • Help inspire other members by posting to our challenge blog at least once every two weeks  
  • Post a Tiddly card on your personal blog once a week (it can be the same card).
  • Create one "how-to", "tutorial" or "make and take" for the Tiddly Inks blog every six weeks or so 
  • Promote Tiddly Inks when and wherever possible (i.e. blogs, signature lines, etc) 
  • Be generally awe-inspiring...:)  

I hope that you decide to join our growing team. :) It will be fun!!! XOXO Christy