Challenge #45 - Bunny Hop With Us to Refer a Friend

Good Tiddly Tuesday, OUR FRIENDS!!
Settle in with some coffee...I feel pretty chatty today! LOL

 I (Christy) started Tiddly Inks about a year ago. I had been designing rubber stamps for a few years and I had a ton of extra images that I wanted to share with you lovely crafters, so PolkaDotDandy helped me build a shop with instant downloads and the rest is history. :)

I have had the BEST year starting the shop, playing with images, creating cards, and most of all making new friends. I can't believe how many of you I wouldn't "know" without the shop and it has been a real pleasure to actually get to know many of you through your blogs and by email. I really enjoy visiting the challenges each week and seeing all the creative ways of using my images. That is why I love this challenge blog: I get to see the images at least 100 different ways. :) Without you joining us, each week, I would miss out on a lot of opportunity to see something new and inspiring. :)

I really appreciate each time that you chose to use a Tiddly image when you could have chosen another company. Making a card is a labor of love, often hours of love, and when you chose my image it is a huge compliment. :) But in return, I love to see what you create. I often type "I LOVE it" on my comments, but I truly do...I love so many of the cards and I LOVE all the connections that are made each week. You connect with the images; we connect with your art and cards. We all benefit.

So given all that, we on the challenge blog want to make some NEW connections---some new friends. I don't think it is possible to have too many friends, do you?? :)

We want to invite you back or, if you are new, to welcome you to the Tiddly Tuesday experience. :) We have a dedicated design team who visits as many entries as they are able and they create beautiful inspirational cards each week. But we need YOU to create that final connection. Without you and your friendship, we wouldn't have anyone to inspire US. :) 

SOOOOO we would love to have you to join in this challenge over the next 10 days and invite your friends so we can play and hop together.

1) One random winner of a $10 gift voucher (there will be no Top 5).
2) And a new fun idea...a "referral reward" for up to 10 people.
How will we track it?
By pairs- as referrER and friend

Pretend you are Sally Sue (our happy little referrER).
Sally Sue decides she wants to join in all this craziness so she: makes her bunny card, posts it on her blog, asks people to join in, posts her link on the TI blog, and then sits back and waits.
For each Friend that enters this challenge and leaves a comment stating, "Sally Sue of Sally Sue's Super Blog told me to enter this challenge," Sally Sue's name goes in the "drawing pot" along with the Friend....This counts as ONE pair (one referrER and Friend). Sally Sue can be paired with multiple people and get entered into the drawing pot many times, but only one pair at a time.
Only thing is: Sally Sue's friend must leave a comment...otherwise, we may miss your entry.

After the challenge, we will choose 10 pairs of friends who both entered the challenge and left a comment. The referral reward for Sally Sue the referrER (if she is chosen as 1 of the 10 pairs) will be 2 images. The referral reward for her friend will be 1 image.

Now, Sally's friend is welcome to post all this on her blog and get her own name entered as the referrER too...

Create a card and post it like you normally do----using a Tiddly Inks image (preferably with a bunny, but any TI image will work).
  1. Post your card on your blog by April 15, and if you want to join in the "refer a friend" part, there are two steps:
    A: Add this badge (select from the side bar or below):
    B. Add add this little bit of text or something similar: 
    "Tiddly Inks is having a special "Refer Your Friends" challenge so I am inviting you to become a new or returning friend to the Tiddly Inks challenge blog. We both have a chance to win images, but more important, it will be a fun experience to see inspirational cards and meet new blogging friends.  If you decide to join in the challenge, please post the note below on your blog entry and in the Tiddly Inks comment section after you add your card to their challenge:
    "I was referred to Tiddly Inks by [put in MY name and blog address]"
    for example
    "I was referred to Tiddly Inks by Melissa of http://melissamade2.blogspot.com"

    Visit the Tiddly Inks challenge to see all the details."

  2. Come back to Tiddly Inks and link your challenge entry by April 15. :) Then cross your fingers that people use your name in a referral to the challenge.  :)
  3. On April 17, come back at the end of the challenge to view the entries in the challenge and meet some new friends in an informal blog hop. :) It will be a bunny-friendly hop and I guarantee you will find at least one blog that inspires you. :) 
NOTE: If you are new or are returning to Tiddly Inks and you were referred by someone else,  you must leave a note in the comments (otherwise we won't know who to look for) like this: "I was referred by _[Melissa]_of ___ [enter their blog address]__.

Sounds fun, right? :) Well, you have 10 days to find out and meet a bunch of new friends...Hop, hop you cute little bunnies. LOL

We hope we get to meet a bunch of new friends and to get you in the "Bunny Hop" mood, please enjoy the gorgeous creations by our fabulous Tiddly Inker gals below.

Have a fabulously Tiddly week everyone!!
Christy and the Tiddly Inkers

Lynne using new image (Minnie's Egg)
Christy using new image (Minnie's Egg)


Shirley said...

Ladies, these projects are awesome.

Star said...

Lovely cards as always, DT! Oooh, this is so much fun! I hope my friends play along! =)

My Scrap Diary said...

Great idea Christy!! This seems like its going to be fun :)
Great dt work. And that Minnie is such a cutie!!! It must be her oversized glasses :D
Jess M

KanataNewf said...

Great challenge! I'm new to TiddlyInks myself but found my way here via my love of Christy's designs for Stamping Bella.

Lucianna Dilsaver said...

Thanks for the fun challenge and great projects from the DT, as always :)

Vicki said...

Wow! Everyone has done such a marvelous job!

I was referred to Tiddly Inks by Starla of http://YouCouldBeWishingOnAStar.blogspot.com

Vicki L

Tip Top said...

Great idea! And I'd like to point out that its all Lou's fault for showing me how lovely Tiddly Inks images are after seeing them on her blog. So thank you Lou!!!!

Anonymous said...

Think I finally got this figured out! Love the new images. I was referred by Donna Mundinger of wwww.donnamundinger-popsicletoes.blogspot.com
I'm working on getting a friend to come and refer me as well!

Jenn Borjeson said...

Fun - great cards. Hope you get lots of new participants/friends! :)