Winners from Challenge 25

Hi ladies.
Given the amazing projects posted recently, I have reconfigured how we will handle the winners. We will now have:

  • a Top 10 list
  • two $5 gift vouchers (One will go to a randomly selected member of the Top 10. One will be a randomly selected winner from all the entries in the challenge.)
  • finalist badges for the Top 5 
So here we go!

(in random order--as selected by the DT) 
26- Maureen 
25- Debbie
5- Melissa Sackman
14- Calie
1- Jennifer

Grab your choice of badge here

(in numerical order)
1 -Jennifer
5- Melissa Sackman
10- Melissa
14- Calie
17- Amy Young
20- Donna M
25- Debbie
26- Maureen Wong
28- Fae
29- Jenn Zeeb

(randomly drawn from the Top 10 list)
1- Jennifer

(randomly selected from all the entries in the challenge by using random.org)
2- Nicole

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donna mikasa said...

Congrats to the winners!