1800 Member Freebie and Please Read

Hi everyone, 
Tiddly Inks has grown very quickly and I can't thank you enough for your support. :) I  have added a new freebie (in the PCP group) as a thank you for your continued support of Tiddly Inks. We are well over 1800 members in the PCP group in about 5 months and that is shocking--and wonderful! :)
While I appreciate all the love and support, I would like to gently remind you of the Term of Use for the digis---they are posted on this blog in full and come with each freebie. I ask that each user read and follow these rules. Infractions directly lead to lost sales and problems for me. I  would much rather spend my time drawing then asking people not to infringe or steal/share images. 
However, I would like to touch on the important aspect of NOT sharing the files. Simply, the only person who is allowed to use/color your digital image (whether is purchased or free) is YOU (and your small, young children) but NOT your sister or your best friend. This is part of the agreement in purchasing or accepting the images. I rely on and appreciate your financial support and honesty. Please consider that if everyone gives even a few images away to family and friends, you directly impact my sales--repeatedly. If your friends and family need a Tiddly fix, they can stop by the PCP group because there are always freebies posted. So please, do not include my digis in swaps or as RAKs and gifts. I am happy to provide a gift certificate or send your favorite person the gift you purchase if you need to share the love. :) 
Tiddly Inks is a one-person artist and shop...I do it all and I do it a lot. LOL I work very hard to provide fun images and your support allows me to remain an artist and support my daughter. I don’t have helpers or any minions to direct...when you email, you get me and I try to email with a smile. :)

So please consider the ramifications before copying, sharing, giving away, or any other actions that might apply here. I do greatly appreciate the 99% of you who are following these rules and supporting me with great enthusiasm and joy. That makes me love and enjoy all that I do. :) 

And support of Tiddly Inks doesn’t have to come through purchasing on a regular basis (although that helps LOL). It can be by posting a blog badge or telling your local stampers about me. If you are only able to accept my freebies at this point, please try to support me by word of mouth (either blogging or locally) and sharing something positive about Tiddly Inks. I would appreciate that very much.

I feel very fortunate to be able to do this and I love being a part of your creativity.  
Thank again for everything. 
Here is a short recap of the terms of use...you may read the full file above if you wish. If in some way, I didn’t cover what you want to do, please ask me first.
  • Only the single, original purchaser has the right to use the product. 
  • Retain the copyright signature on the art if at all possible.
  • This is only for personal use--you may sell handmade cards, but not the images themselves. 
  • You may not claim this as your own design.
  • You may not give, share (that includes swaps or RAKs), or sell this design (or your finished colored version of my design) as a digital file or printed sheet without my permission.  
  • It would be greatly appreciated if you would credit www.tiddlyinks.com wherever the design is posted. This helps me build new friends even if you can’t support me by purchasing at this time.
  • If I didn’t cover it, it probably isn’t okay without asking....Ask me first. I am pretty reasonable.


donna mikasa said...

Congrats on 1800 followers, Christy! Thanks always, for the freebies and for the gentle reminders about purchasing your images. Hope you are well!

Unknown said...

Wow - well done Christy - certainly many people are recognising your talent and wonderful images... I just hope they don't come for the freebies alone - as i'm sure some do sadly enough.

Thank you for reminding us about the terms of use - I personally would never share a digi i've purchased from ANYWHERE - knowing that if I was in your position, I wouldn't be happy with people sharing...

Here's to not only many more followers, but many more paying customers for you too.

Paula x x x