Tiddly Tutorial Thursday - Fabric flowers

Hi everyone. It is thursday and that means we have a new Tiddly Tutorial Thursday for you. This week I (Larissa) am going to show you how you can make fabric flowers. I hope you will enjoy the tutorial.

To make these flowers you have to use a fabric that is not too thick. You have to cut a circle out of the fabric ( I have used a nestabiltie as a guide to cut my circle). Then you have to stitch on the edge with thin thread. Don't go to close to the edge!

If you have stitched all around the edge, you have to take the 2 threads in your hands (actually these are my mums hands :) ) and carefully pull on the thread.

More pulling..... 

You have to pull until the middle looks like this and then you can make a knot in your thread. Your flower is almost ready.

Decorate your flower with a button or anything else that you want to use.

 I have used a bigger circle (9,5 cm) to create a bigger flower to add on the top of my box.

 On my card I used a smaller circle (7 cm)

Well I hope you enjoyed the tutorial! Maybe you can use this tutorial to create a flower so you can enter a card in our Fabric invasion challenge where we want you to use fabric on your cards. :)


donna mikasa said...

great tutorial, Larissa! such a cute flower and it looks perfect on the card!

Christy/Tiddly Inks Digitals said...

I could probably even learn to sew that pretty flower. :)
What a great tutorial, Larissa!!! Dank je! :)

That box is amazing!!!! What a great present and the circles on the card are fantastic....I love how you pull elements from the card fronts onto the background. :)

Carisa said...

gorgeous!!! this is so cool but it would mean pulling out my sewing machine which i just don't do!!! LOL your card is stunning - your coloring just perfect!i love it & thx for sharing.

Kristyn @ Good Gravy Crafts said...

I love that you ladies do this! It's so great!!
xx Kristyn

Robyn said...

Great tutorial, especially with this week's challenge. Thanks so much!!

Betty Boo! said...

That was awesome Larissa! I think I am going to go pull out my Halloween fabric and make a couple of them for my daughter's hair!

Maria Matter said...

oh that is too awesome! you make it look so easy! Thank you for this great tut!
Beautiful card!!

Tammy said...

Thank you for an awesome Tutorial, Larissa!! Those flowers are to die for!!! I will definitely be using this tutorial but I'm going to have to buy me some fabric first!! Don't think DIL would appreciate me cutting all of her daughter's clothes up!! :)