DT announcement postponed until April 12

Hi everyone,
I am here to apologize for a delay in the announcement of my design team...they are picked and they have been notified, but I had some other guest spots lined up too and I want to do the announcement justice and I just can't today.
I have been run over by a truck---well, the germ-filled truck that got my daughter on Friday and I haven't left my bed today except to write this apology. If it runs a course similar to my daughter's illness I will be fine tomorrow, but for today, I am going back to bed. I have a very high fever, so if none of this makes sense, I apologize for that too...LOL
See you all tomorrow and thanks for understanding.


donna mikasa said...

Christy! Take care of yourself! That's the most important issue right now...We'll be still be here!
Thank goodness you weren't hit by a REAL truck!
Take good care.....sending you some virtual chicken soup and hugs!!!

Vicki Burns said...

Aww...feel better SOON!!!!

Betty Boo! said...

Aww feel better Christy... I was hit with the exhausted truck, but you must feel so much worst than I. Sending you some warm soup thoughts!



Unknown said...

Hi Christy! oh no hunny, Sending huge cyber get well wishes to you.
love emma xxx

Anonymous said...

I hope you'll feel much better tomorrow.
xx Myriam