Tiddly Inks Tutorial Thursday

Hiya everyone!  Welcome to our Tiddly Inks Tutorial Thursday!  Woot woot!

Today we have a super easy and fun spinner card video tutorial.  You will also find an list of materials under the video for your pleasure!


Materials Needed: 

Round pop dots (2)
Any shape pop dots (4)
Pennies or nickles (2)
Chipboard 6"x2"
Designer paper, image, cutter, and embellishments.
Card size is 61/2" x 5" 
Remember to measure inward from each side 3/4" to create the window on your slider part!


cgl1539 said...

I had seen this done before but it seemed so much more work with the other tutorial. Yours seemed a lot easier and I cannot wait to try this. Plus that little alien, how cute was he, oh my goodness.

Kristy Young said...

Ooh very cool tute Betty! Love the Alien!
Kristy xx

Tammy said...

Cute cute cute!!! You did a fabulous job, Betty and I do believe that I need to make one of these cards today!!! Thank you hun!!!

Christy/Tiddly Inks Digitals said...

Awwwww, sooooo cute!!! You, my dear, are a genius. :)

Betty Boo! said...

Oh I am so glad everyone liked it. So glad to hear it was easier than it had seemed before for cgl1539! That makes me feel better about it, knowing I explained it clearly! Yay!

Aww Christy you make me blush... thanks for the cheer!


donna mikasa said...

Great tutorial, Betty! What a fun slider card!

Lissa said...

Thanks, Betty! That's awesome!!! I think my nephews would LOVE this kind of card!!! I wanna try one now!!! ;)

Kristyn said...

Great Tiddly Tut!!!
TY for sharing!!!


ladybrayton71 said...

Thanks for the tut! You make it seem so easy. Perhaps I'll give it a try.